"I want to live my life in such a way that it colors my things with memories."

Marie Kondo

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Happy Clients

Christina changed my life. It sounds dramatic, but her help transforming my living space truly helped me to change the way I live. I have always been relatively diligent with decluttering, but Christina gave me new, practical skills and I am happy to say that I have kept up with them better than any other method for organization I have tried. I read Marie Kondo's books mid-way through our project, and I must say that Christina helped with decision-making and methodology much more than the books could have. And to make it even better, she is super fun to work with!  

MR, Brooklyn



Christina by helping me de-clutter my apartment, has made my life more enjoyable and manageable. I am not kidding. With her help I managed to become the tidy person I never thought I could be. Christina was very supportive and patient as I had difficulty parting with articles of my closet that have seen the dawn of The Cold War. Her skill, and comfortable manner make it seem like you’re just having a chit chat with a friend, she manages the time efficiently and with great ease. I highly recommend her! 

mg, brooklyn

Christina, with certainty, brought JOY to my awfully stressful and congested space! I feel comfortable and trust leaving her alone in our rooms to work her magic, organizing and sorting w/o direction or micro managing her and see the sense she makes out of previously wasted space with the attention she pays to detail. Just leave it to Christina and she’ll bring harmony to your place too!


My home was in disarray until Christina applied her Spark Joy methods. She is an excellent organizer, meticulous and extremely warm and down to Earth. She works diligently and calmly and added value to my home. I now enjoy the way my underwear drawer looks -colorful and fun! I can find all of my shoes and kitchen supplies. Spices look beautiful. I highly recommend Christina to help organize home, office and especially closet space!

Kk, brooklyn

JoySpace will change your life! I’ve worked with Christina on multiple projects and she was able to transform my closets, attic and mud room into spaces that I now love. And I’m smarter about what I buy and bring into my home all thanks to the new skills and tips that Christina has taught me.

EG, Chicago

You literally need someone standing over your shoulder when decluttering. You get rid of so much more and need the encouragement and motivation. Love the folding, able to see everything and "free" it. Also, easy to do when measuring using joy. 

Kh, lake mills

It was a delight working with Christina. She understood when items were important to me and helped to find ways to organize and improved my storage. My one regret is not taking enough ‘before’ pictures! I am looking forward to our next projects together.

KB, Yonkers

Christina was lovely, caring and incredibly helpful - she is really good at helping decide what is worth treasuring and what can be given away. When she left my apartment, I felt 100x lighter and thrilled with the peace I felt at home.

JK, Brooklyn