Hiring Joyspace is an investment into a more peaceful life where everything you own has a home. 



In-home sessions:

$75/hr - The KonMari Method™ organizes sessions by categories (clothing, books, paper, Komono (misc) and sentimental items) with most sessions running approximately 5 hours.

In your introductory call, we'll discuss your goals and vision and come up with a game plan. 

We can figure out a schedule that works for you. Let's chat!

Virtual sessions:

$150 for 3 hours - Don’t live in NYC? No problem. If you’re interested in going through category 1: clothing, let’s hop on a video call. I’ll get you through the hard part, help you sort and go through your items and show you how to fold your clothes to keep them tidy, making the most use of space. Then you can finish up and I’ll check back in to see your progress.

Office spaces:

$75/hour — Using the principles of The KonMari Method™, we'll go through your office, keeping only those items that bring joy and make your workspace more efficient.

 A tidy space is a productive space!